15Kg Oil Tin Filling Machine

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Suitable for Ghee/Oil

Filling Range: 5Kg-15Kg

Filler: 4 Head Digital Filler

Sealing: Online (Manual Lid Placing)

Conveyor: 4 Meter Long

Contact Parts/Conveyor: Stainless Steel 316 Grade

Nozzles: Drip Free

Fill Accuracy: +/-0.5%

Additional Feature: No-Tin-No-Fill sensor/Locking Diving Nozzles

Controller: PLC

Compressed Air:  5Kg

Power Source:  220V 50Hz

Power Supply: 2KW

Machine Dimension: (Wooden Case) 4000mmLx700mmWx1800mmH

Machine Weight: 450Kg

Production Capacity: 250-300 Tins Per Hour ( Approx.)


15Kg Oil tin filling machine is suitable to fill and seal 15kg oil tins of mustard oil, edible oil, refined oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil etc,

Online filler with cap sealing unit 15Kg Oil filling also suitable to fill 5lit-20lit oil jars, containers filling.

This machine is also called as oil tin packing machine, 15kg oil tin packing machine, 15kg oil tin filler, oil tin packing machinery etc.