Automatic Jar Washing-Filling-Capping Machine (Linear Line)

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Automatic Jar Washing-Filling-Capping Machine (Linear Line)

Complies with Inner-Outer Wash

Online Filler

Online Capper with chute

10 Feet Long SS Slat Conveyor (Motor Driven)

Pneumatic Stopper Mechanism

SS316 Contact Parts

Complete Stainess Steel Covering.

Production capacity -: 150/300 jars/hour

Suitable for Jar capacity -: from 11.3L (3 gallons) to 18.9L (5 gallons)

Jar dimensions (mm) -: 270 x 490 x 56/230 x 420 x 56.

Cap dimensions (mm) -: 58 x 40 (with tip-in brush of 18 in length and 7.5 in width)

Rated input -: 2.8kW

Driving motor -: 0.37kW

Sterilize washing pump -: 0.55 x 3=1.65kW

Pure water washing/filling pump -: 0.55kW.

Capping motor -: 0.06kW.

Ultraviolet sterilizing light -: 20W + 20W=40W

Power voltage -: AC 240V/110V/60Hz or 380V/220V/50Hz

Rated amperage -: 12A.

Size -: 3250mm x 730mm x 1550mm.

Net weight -: 230kg.

Air pressure supply -: 0.1m3, 0.17m3/min, 0.7Mpa/cm3

Water supply -: 3m3/h

The details for washing stations -: (with 6kW heaters in the washing tanks)

There equipped with heating station for supply hot water rinsing

There equipped with rinsing water temperature display and controller

There equipped with bottled water counter to display (1. quantity since installation, 2.quantity since every day)

There are totally 5 washing stations -: (the washing stations can be designed according to customers requirements)

Sterilizing water wash inside and outside/Sterilizing water wash inside

Drying function

Pure water wash inside and outside/pure water wash inside