Milk Powder Pouch Packing Machine

Product Video

Product Specifications

MODEL-: FFS-5000

Packing material -: OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/PE (etc complex film)

Bag-making size -: 60-300mm(L)

Packing speed -: 25-30 bags/min

Max width of film roll -: 420mm

Measuring range -: 150-1200m

Air consumption -: 0.65mpa

Gas consumption -: 0.6m3/min

Voltage -: 220V/50Hz

Power -: 3KW

Product size -: 1388(L) X1116(W) X1536(H)mm

Product weight -: 500Kg

Milk Powder pouch packing machine is used to pack up to 1000gm milk powder in center sealed pouch with auger type filler

Product Technical characteristics

English and Chinese screen display, operation is simple.

PLC computer system, function is more stable, adjustment any parameters not need stop machine

It can stock ten dispose, simple to change variety.

Water sachet packing machine

Double Sever motors, drawing film position accurately, and the speed more fast

Temperature independent control system, precision get to±1°C

Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of mix film, PE film packing material.

Packing type diversification, pillow sealing, standing type, punchingetc

Bag–making, sealing, packing, print date in one operation.

Work circumstance quiet, low noise.

Product Application

With sprialfeeder, you can pack powder products such as flour, cornstarch, soy flour, milk powder, glucose powder, ice cream powder,cocoa powder,washing powder, organic fertilizer etc

With 10 or 14 multiheadweigher it can also pack granular products, such as peanut, popcorn, jelly, jujube, garlic, beans, shrimp, potato chips, melon seeds, sugar, candy, soybeans, corn kernels, rice, beans, pet food and hardware products.