Automatic Cooking Oil Filling Machine

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Product Introduction


Filling Range –: 100ml-1Lit. Also 500ml to 5Lit.

Filling Unit -: 6 Heads.

Capping -: Single Head

Labeling -: Wrap Around, Front Back (Optional)

Filling Nozzles -: Diving type with clean cut-off and drip free.

Stopper Mechanism -: Pneumatic Operated. | PLC Controlled (Delta Make) | Filling mechanism-Digital.

Contact parts -: SS316.

Covers -: Acrylic with stainless steel frame.

All Electric components : Reputed make.

Display -: Delta make 5.6 (Colour) with touch screen.

Main Stand -: MS Fabricated.

Conveyor -: 22 feet long. SS make.

Capper –: Fully Automatic with automatic cap feeder.

Techncial Details

Motor -: 5HP (Total Load)

Air -: 4-5Kg/cm2.

Power : 220V, single Phase, 380 V 3 Phase, 110V single phase.

Dimension : 3000mmL x 800mm W x 1000mmH.

Weight : 1400Kg.

Production Capacity :

> 100ml-1Lit- 2000 Bottles Per Hour.

> 5Lit-800-1000 Bottles Per Hour.

Product Application

Cooking Oil filling machine is suitable to fill and seal 500ml-5Lit. Bottles, cans Suitable for edible oil filling,mustard oil filling,vegetable oil filling, refined oil filling etc. Online fillers with cap sealing unit Edible Oil Filling also suitable to fill 15Kg Mustard Oil Tins as optional choice. This machine is widely known as groundnut oil filling machine, seasame oil filling machine, sunflower oil filling machine, mustard oil filling machine, cotton oil filling machine, cooking oil filling machine, vegetable oil filling machine, refined oil filling machine, soya oil filling machine.