Rotary Cup Filling Machine

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Suitable for -: Yogurt, Dahi, Juice, Liquid Cups

Cup Dia -: 40-95mm

Filling Range -: 50ml-500ml

Filler Type -: Gravimetric 

Product Hopper -: 50Lit.

Sealing Type -: Heat Seal Pre-cut Foil Sealer

Indexer -: Geneva

Motor Drive -: 1HP

Heater -: 2KW

Turret -: 8 Station

Cup Feeding -: Manual/Automatic

Foil Feeding -: Automatic 

Power Source -:   220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 3KW

Contact Parts -: Stainless Steel 316 Grade

Covers -: Stainless Steel

Feature -: No Cup-No Foil

Machine Weight -: 500Kg

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case) -: 1200mmLx1200mmWx 1800mmH

Production Capacity -: 16 Cups Per Minute (also available in 30,60cpm)


Cup filling machine is Rotary Cup Filling Machine for Ice cream cup filling, Yogurt cup filling, Honey, Curd, Buttermilk filling Shrikhand in PVC, Plastic cups. Cup filling machine is suitable for Filling & Lid Sealing of cups. Cup filling machine is suitable for Filling & Lid Sealing of cups. Rotary Machine with 8 Station operation. Automatic cup pickup from stacker hopper Automatic Single head timer based pump filler unit. Single Head foil pick-up & Sealing unit with automatic ejection system. This machine is also known as curd cup filling machine, juice cup filling machine, water cup filling machine, filling sealing machine for cups, yogurt cup filling machine, juice cup filler etc.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

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