Water Sachet Packing Machine

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Product Specifications

Water sachet packer machine specification

Model -:FFS-50

Range of measure -: 500ml

Measuring Method -: Pump

Bag size -: L 40-120mm W 25-100mm

Capacity -: 40-50 Bags/Minute

Case -: 304 Stainless steel

Power -: Main motor 370, heating power 720W

Power supply -: AC 380V 50Hz / AC 220V 50Hz

Weight (Kg) -: N.W.: 200; G.W.: 230

Film material -: Paper/ PE; Al/PE; BOPP/PE; PA/ CPP...laminatedfilm

Sealing style -: pillow sealing

Product Application

Sachet Water, Drinking Water, Mineral Water, Packaged Drinking Water, Table Water’

Also known as Sachet Water Packing Machine, Water sachet packer machine

Drinking water packer machine, Packaged drinking water sachet packing machine

Water sachet packing machine

50ml-500ml liquidwater packer machine liquid sachet packer machine

Auto measuring, making bags filling,sealing,cutting and printing embossing dates.

Easy to operate and smart to move.

It can cut at the precise position with auto photocell tracking.

ANTI-DROP function