Automatic Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine-Bopp Labeler

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Suitable for -: 300ml-1500mm PET Bottles

Max Label Size -: Bottle Dia.35mm-115mm | Label Length-78mm-242mm | Label Height-25mm-205mm

Labeling -: Servo Motor Driven

Conveyor -: 2 Meter Long

Labeler -: BOPP

Conveyor Drive -: 0.5HP/VFD

Power Source -: 220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 10KW

Air -: 6Kg/cm2

Contact Parts -: Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Covers -: Stainless Steel

Machine Weight -: 1500Kg

Machine Dimension -: 2000mmLx600mmWx 1200mmH

Packing -: Wooden Case

Production Capacity -: 60-90 Bottles Per Minute (Also up 300 Bottles Per Minute on request)

BLENZOR-TM Introduces new model in BOPP labeling for round bottles

Fully automatic linear operation for 200ml - 2000ml bottles.(with certain change of parts).

Maximum production speed of 60-90 bottles/min.

Machine is built fully in Stainless Steel.

Height adjustments to suit various bottle sizes.

Imported gluing unit sprays minimal quantity of hot melt adhesive (very minimal wastage).

No cleaning of the nozzle or glue unit, before production (less maintenance & saves time).

Minimal change-over time, to shift from one size to an another size of the bottle.

Fitted with PLC control

The machine is suitable to work cylindrical or shaped containers made of plastic, glass or metal with wrap-around labels.

Product Application

Widely used for labeling round bottles of soft drink &mineral water using BOPP labels

Product Features

Durable and compact design, the machine frame is covered by stainless steel sheet, anti-vibration and noise absorbing construction.

Rotary motor driven machine design

Control cabinet integrated in the machine housing

Hot melt dispensing spray guns, Non-contact labeling system

Cutter is easy adjustment and replacement, cutting at any speed with precision

Vacuum drum is synchronized with platform rotation, driven by servo motor (Allen Bradley brand)

Label web tracking for correcting its height and guarantee the consistent position

Auto splicing system for continuous operation