Semi-Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machine

BLENZOR’s Semi-Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machine is ideal for all types of industrial mass production. Semi-Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machine is useful for wide range product packing application. The structure of Semi-Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machine is made from strong Stainless Steel fabrication base. Multiple sizes can be packed in Semi-Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machine with help of change over parts.

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Grade -: Semi-Automatic

Suitable for strong>Grade -:Deodorant/Perfumes/Room Fresheners

Filling Range -:0-500ml

Liquid Filler Unit -: 1 Head

Crimping Unit -: 1 Head

Gas Charging -: 1 Head

Conveyor -: 8 Meter

Power Source -:380V 50Hz/2KW

Construction -:Stainless Steel

Machine Weight -: 600Kg

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case) -: 1200mmLx600mmWx 1500mmH

Production Capacity -: Up to 700 Cans Per Hour


Pump Loading-Manual

LPG Columns & Storage tank for Aerosol Containers

Consisted of 6” dia. Column MS seamless pipe with pressure gauge & filtering unit & then after pass the filter 500Lit capacity of MS Storage tank to pass the filtered Gas.

All Contact Parts-SS316

FLP Arrangement

Filling capacity-10ml to 200ml

Consisted of NO Container NO Liquid Filling & NO Container - NO Pump Loading (Pump loading by manually) as well as No Container No Crimping & No Container No Gas Charging.

Consisted of Simple System for UHMW/CAST NYLON TURRET with Height Adjustment Any Change over for Varies as per dia. of the Containers in Crimping & Gas Charging unit.

Gassing Head for Charging the LPG Gas which is applying with Booster Pump (Individually operation) & it’s operated with Two Stations ie. Initially filled with 40% & then after remaining 60% filled.

Indexing with Pneumatic operation MANIFOLD separately for Rotary Liquid Filling as well as Crimping & Gas Charging Stations.

Crimping Device-Pneumatic Operated

Gassing Device-Pneumatic Operated

Turn table Motor & Conveyor Motor with FLP (from Rotary Liquid Filling M/C to Gas Charging M/C) 0.5HP & 1HP respectively with Make - HINDUSTAN & with Suitable Gear Box Ratio Make - Bonfigloli as per requirement of Drive arrangement.

LPG gas columns (will be kept at outside of the m/c) for molecules filtration before gas passing to the Gas charging stations via providing the storage tank.

Machine Dimensions: (Length 5000mm x Width 2500mm x Height 2500mm Max.)

Machine Weight Approx: @ 850 Kg max.

Total Power Consumption 1KW Max 3Ph. 440V AC 50Hz for All FLP Motors

Total Air Consumption requires Dry Compressed Air up to 12 Kg/Sq. cm OR up to 16 CFM.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

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