Front Back Top Labeling Machine

BLENZOR’s Front Back Top Labeling Machine is ideal for all types of industrial mass production. Front Back Top Labeling Machine is useful for wide range product packing application. The structure of Front Back Top Labeling Machine is made from strong Stainless Steel fabrication base. Multiple sizes can be packed in Front Back Top Labeling Machine with help of change over parts.

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Product Description



Suitable for -: Flat /Round Glass/PET Bottles

Max Bottle Breadth -: 150mm

Max Bottle Height -: 180mm

Labeling -: Stepper Motor Driven x 3 Nos.

Conveyor -: 3 Meter Long

Labeler -: Roll Formed Sticker

Conveyor Drive -: 0.5HP Electric Motor with VFD

Power Source  -: 220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 2KW

Contact Parts -: Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Covers -: Stainless Steel

Machine Weight -: 600Kg

Machine Dimension -: 30000mmLx1200mmWx 1800mmH

Packing -: Wooden Case

Production Capacity -: 40-50 Bottles Per Minute

Product Application

Blenzor’s Automatic Front-Back-Top Sticker Labeler Machine is perfectly suitable for Glass and PET Liquor Bottles, Wine Bottles, Whisly Bottles. Also suitable for Front Back Labeling, Top Side Labeling of Liquor Glass Bottles or PET Bottles. This machine is also called as whisky bottle labeling machine, wine bottle labeling machine. PET bottle labeling machine, Glass Bottle Labeling Machine, Liquor Bottle Label Applicator, PET Bottle Labeling Applicator etc. The machine is widely used in Tax Strip Applicator for Liquor Bottles, Government Tax Strip Labeler Machine, Tax Strip Labeling Machine, Tax Strip Label Applying Machine, Label Applicator for Tax Strip in Liquor Bottles, High Speed Tax Strip Applicator in Liquor Bottles.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

We BLENZOR (INDIA) supply & export all types of Front Back Top Labeling Machine to our clients in India as well as worldwide. We are Industrial re-owned brand manufacturers of Front Back Top Labeling Machine We are exporting to countries like Kazakhstan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Hungary, Finland, Namibia, Iran, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, Mongolia, Belarus, Germany, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Jordan, Mexico, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Libya, Russia, Gambia, United Kingdom, Estonia, Denmark, Singapore, Chile, Angola, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, South Korea, Philippines, Chile, United States, Bhutan, Japan, Lebanon, Turkey, Bahrain, Oman, Brazil, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Ecuador, Egypt, New Zealand, Tibet, Bolivia, Iraq, Spain, Indonesia, Morocco, Italy, Thailand, Romania, Israel, Peru, France, Serbia, Slovakia, Algeria, Vietnam, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Ghana, Kenya, Norway, Gabon, Macau, Mexico, Portugal, Colombia, Austria, Taiwan, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Canada, Poland, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Nepal, India, Qatar, Lithuania, Australia, Spain, United States, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Iran, Morocco, Bulgaria, Ghana, Poland, Costa Rica, Greece, Mongolia, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Peru, Norway, Egypt, Brazil, Austria, Taiwan, Bolivia, Malaysia, France, Netherlands, Japan, China, Sweden, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Afghanistan, Belarus, Tibet, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Ireland, Gabon, Nepal, Vietnam, Mexico, South Korea, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Australia, Angola, Chile, Thailand, Libya, India, Chile, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Croatia, Yemen, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Algeria, Russia, Belgium, Canada, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Singapore, Bahrain, Kenya, Lithuania, Colombia, Switzerland, Namibia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Indonesia, Macau, Hungary, Qatar, New Zealand, Serbia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Gambia, Estonia, Romania, Bangladesh, Finland

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