Manual Tube Sealing Machine

BLENZOR’s Manual Tube Sealing Machine is ideal for all types of industrial mass production. Manual Tube Sealing Machine is useful for wide range product packing application. The structure of Manual Tube Sealing Machine is made from strong Stainless Steel fabrication base. Multiple sizes can be packed in Manual Tube Sealing Machine with help of change over parts.

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Product Description



Suitable for : Lami/Plastic Tubes- 5gm-100gm

Max Tube Dia -: 60mm

Sealer -: Hot Jaw Pneumatic with Temp. Controller

Contact Parts -: SS304

Power Source -: 220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 1KW

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case) -: 900mmLx500mmWx1200mmH

Machine Weight -: 60Kg

Production Capacity -: 200-300 Tubes Per Hour

Product Application

Plastic and Lami tubes for Ointments, Liquids, Pastes, Creams, Honey, Adhesives, Lotions, Balms, Cosmetics etc. Available in Single Nozzle, SS304/316 Contact Parts. This machine is also called as manual tube sealer, manual tube sealing machine etc.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

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