Shrink Tunnel

BLENZOR’s Shrink Tunnel Machine is ideal for all types of industrial mass production. Shrink Tunnel Machine is useful for wide range product packing application. The structure of Shrink Tunnel Machine is made from strong Stainless Steel fabrication base. Multiple sizes can be packed in Shrink Tunnel Machine with help of change over parts.

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Pack Sizes in mm -: 0-300mmL x0-150mmW x0-100mmH

Suitable for Shrink Wrap Products


Tunnel Sizes available -:12” x12” x 1.2 meter Long

Controller -: Digital

Heaters -: 4KW

Power -:220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 2KW (as per model selection)

Compressed Air -:N/A

Conveyor -: Mesh/Rod

Conveyor Length -: 1200mm ( as per model selection)


Shrink wrapping machine is majorly used to wrap objects with film

Shrink tunnels are of different sizes to apply on various product sizes

Shrink wrapping machine is consisted of shrink tunnel of 8 to 36 “ tunnel size in width.

Shrink tunnels are widely used to wrap objects with shrink sleeves.

Shrink wrapping machine can be used as sleeve labelling machine to apply sleeves on packaged drinking water, glass bottles.

Shrink sleeve labelling is major use of shrink tunnel to get better labelling machine accuracy.

Different types of shrink tunnels can be designs to apply sleeves on bottles with various shrink wrapping machines.

Shrink packaging is a method of applying skin tight labelling on bottles.

Shrink wrapping equipments are widely used in food packaging & pharmaceutical packaging.

PVC shrink labelling machine and Pvc shrink sleeve applying is similar machine applications.

Shrink tunnel is suitable for PVC shrink labelling and Pvc shrink sleeve applying.


Drinking Water Bottles, PET Bottles, Glass Bottles,Jerry Cans, Cups, Cartons, Boxes etc. This machine is also known as shrink wrapper, shrink wrap machine, shrink pack machine, shrink packer, shrink sealing machine, wrapping machine, film wrapping machine, shrink tunnel, shrink tunnel machine etc.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

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