Automatic Perfume Bottle Filling Crimping Collet Pressing Machine

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Filling Range -: 0-100ml

Line Consisted of-: Bottle Cleaning Unit

8 Head Filler

4 Meter Conveyor


Collet Press Unit

Power Required -:  230v/ 1HP/ 2 KW

Air Required -: 20-25 CFM @ 4-5 Kg Bar

Approx. Dim.(mm) -:  500x800x1900
Approx Weight (Kgs) -: 800

Manpower Required -: 3

Contact Parts -:  Stainless Steel 316 Grade

No. Of Heads -: 8

Vacuum By -:  Compressed Air

Production Capacity -: 40 Bottles Per Minute


Level based perfume filling.

Perfume glass bottle filling.

Room freshener filling.

Low viscous liquid filling.

Glass bottle alcohol based perfume filling.


Flameproof main motor

Auto cut off system sub tank

15 mins change over time

Easy to use

Low maintenance

Variable Frequency Drive for speed control

Flow regulator for filling control

Clip quick fit type connections.


Make all connections from the outlet of perfume mixing or perfume storage vessel to the perfume transfer system using soft pipe. Switch on the machine. The machine will start rotating. Place the cleaned bottles from semi auto 2 head perfume bottle air jet cleaning machine on the nylon holders when the holders go down during rotary action. Vacuum would be generated inside the bottle and the bottles would get filled according to set level via nozzle setting. On one rotation the bottle would get filled. When the holder goes down remove the filled bottle & replace the same with empty bottle. Continue the same operation for filling 'n' no. of bottles.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

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