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Suitable for : Liquor /Gin/Vodka/Whisky

Pack Sizes : 30ml-100ml

Contact Parts: SS304

Filler: Piston Type

Motor: 1HP

Track: Single

Sealing: 4 Side

Power Source: 220V 50Hz

Power Supply : 2KW

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case): 900mmLx 800mmWx2000mmH

Machine Weight: 150Kg

Production Capacity<: 3000 Sachets Per Hour (Single Track)
6000 Sachets Per Hour (DoubleTrack)

Specifications :

50ml liquor sachet packer machine.

liquor packer machine.

50ml sachet packing machine.

Alcohol sachet packing machine.

Liquid Sachet Packer Machine Features :

Auto measuring,making bags,filling,sealing,cutting and printing embossing dates.

Easy to operate and smart to move.

It can cut at the precise position with auto photocell tracking.

ANTI-DROP function

Our new innovative mechanical liquor pouch packing machine is unique high speed single track & twin track with individual operation system, low operational cost leading to economy in packaging. These machines design to produce three side & four side sealing on any heat sealable laminated film.

Compact design systems fully automatic-gets neatly fitted in a small floor space, mounted on rugged angular structure & mounted on castor wheel in low resonances, low vibration welded design using high grade material, cladded with stainless steel cabinet. All contact Parts and are made of stainless steel, smooth & easy to clean & sanitable surface, easy to service

Solid state heating control system for maintenance free.

Sealing Jaw assembly mounted with LM bearing & rod for high durability.

Photocell control system can automatically adjusted film length, hence saving of negligible film wastage.

Self priming piston filling system give perfect accuracy with low maintenance & down time, easy to change filling quantity.

Ideal to suit any free flow and viscous liquids like any Alcoholic Beverages, Oil, Shampoo, Bio Chemical & Pharmaceutical Liquids, Semi Paste, Lubricant Oil etc.

Feeding Head: Piston Filling System

Production Speed: 45 – 50 Pouches per min.

Packing Range: 30 – 200ml.

Film Width: Up to 250 mm.

Film Thickness: 40-75 microns.

Film Material: Laminated Film.

Sealer Heating System: Continuous.

Inner Core Dia of Film Roll: 70mm.

Outer Dia. Of the Film Roll: Up to 350mm.

Pouch Style: Three Side/Four Side Sealing.

Pouch Width: Up to 125mm.

Pouch Length: Up to 140 mm.

Power Consumption: 1.0KW/Hour.

Peak Power: 2 KW

Power Requirement: Single Phase, 220V 50 Hz.

Pouch Counter: Provided

Machine Dimensions (in mm): 1500(H) X450(W) X450(Depth)

Net Weight: 250 kg’s (Approximately)