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Suitable for -: Powders

Filling Range -: 50gm-5000gm

Filler -: Double Head Auger Filler with Clutch Break

Hopper -: 25kg x 2 Nos.

Conveyor -: 8 Feet Long SS Slat Chain

Facility -: No Bottle-No Fill Sensor

Contact Parts -: SS304

Compressed Air -: 5Kg

Power Source -: 220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 2.1KW

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case) -: 2400mmLx 800mmWx2000mmH

Machine Weight -: 600Kg

Production Capacity -: 10-30 Bottles Per Minute ( Approx.)

Powder filling machine is majorly used for filling free flowing powders and non free flowing powders.

Powder filling machine also known as auger filler and powder dozing machine which is suitable to fill 1gm to 5000gm of any powder in bottles, cans, jars, tubs.

Powder filling is automatic filling machine runs of volumetric filling principle.

Weighing & filling of powders is optional feature of powder filler.

Powder filling equipments are widely used to deposit accurate powder in bottle filling, pouch filling, container filling.

Powder filler is also available in servo motor filling for accurate filling of powder.

Milk powder filling, cocoa milk powder filling can be easily handled on powder filling machine.

Powder filling equipments are widely used to measure and fill accurate amount of powder in sachets, bottles, jars, tubs etc.

Powder fillers are widely used for any type of powder with auger filling and cup filling system.

Filling by powder filler or auger filler is completely drip free and accurate in weight.

Powder filling machines are mostly used in pharmaceutical filling & food filling as a filler or dispenser.

Desired speed can be achieved by powder filling machine by adding filling heads. Major auger fillers are available in single or double heads.

Powder Filling machine can produce 30-50 bottles per minute by adding multiple heads to filler head.

Powder packaging machine can be defined as powder filling equipment and accurate powder dozing machinery.

  • Accurate Weighing with Weigh scale bellow filling nozzles (Optional)
  • Pneumatic Bottle Stoppers
  • 2HP-Mechanical Motor drive
  • Variable speed conveyor drive
  • PLC Based Control System

Product Applications

This machine is used to fill dry powders like talcum powder, talc powder, dry syrup, milk powder, cosmetic powder, medical powder, chemical powder, food colours, food flavoures, curry powder, spices, spice powders etc.