Water Bottle Packing Machine

BLENZOR’s Water Bottle Packing Machine is ideal for all types of industrial mass production. Water Bottle Packing Machine is useful for wide range product packing application. The structure of Water Bottle Packing Machine is made from strong Stainless Steel fabrication base. Multiple sizes can be packed in Water Bottle Packing Machine with help of change over parts.

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Product Description



Suitable for -: 200ml-1500ml

Line Consisted of -: Rinsing-Filling-Capping-Inspection Counter-Shrink Tunnel

Construction -: Stainless Steel

Motor -: 2HP

Controller -: Detachable

Power Source -: 220V 50Hz

Power Supply -: 5KW

Compressed air -: 3-4 CFM at 6Kg/Cm2/3HP Compressor

SS Filling Pump 1HP with Bypass arrangement and suitable Buffer Tank

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case) -: 10000mmLx5000mmWx2000mmH

Machine Weight -: 1800Kg

Production Capacity -: 2400 Bottles Per Hour

Machine Consists Of

5 Feet In-feed Conveyor

Automatic 3-in-1 Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine

10 Feet Out-feed Conveyor

On-line Inspection Counter

Shrink Tunnel for Labeling

Operational Description

The rotary type machine consists of Three Turn Tables for feeding the bottles for Rinsing, Filling and Capping. The bottles are held on the neck and the body is guided in spacers. Machine consists of 2- Rinsing stages,3-Filling stages and 1-Capping station. The rinsing and filling is controlled by timer device, The Rinsing Jets are pressurized by pump. A rotary Automatic cap feeder is mounted on the machine and capping is done by Electro-pneumatic Capper

Product Application

Bottled Water, Packaged Drinking Water, Mineral Water, Table Water, Juice etc. This machine is also known as bottled water packing machine, bottled water filling machine, bottled water filler, bottled water packing machine, mineral water filling machine, mineral water packing machine etc.

Product Unit Type -: 1 SET

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